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Magazine style portaits

for the everyday woman and man


You don't have to be photogenic, it's my job to pose and direct you from head to toe during your entire session.


Hi, my name is Ildiko Poor.
I am a portrait photographer in New York. I specialize in magazine style portraits for the everyday woman and man.

Growing into a young woman I never felt beautiful. As a teenager I watched super model shows and bought every magazine I could. I just adored how amazing those women looked and I wished someone could photograph me the same way.

One day the magic happened and I felt like a super star in front of the camera. I want all my clients to know that feeling.

It's not your job to be photogenic and look good in front of the camera, it's my job to pose you and direct you during the entire photoshoot so you can have photos what you truly love and what one day your grandchildren will keep as their greatest treasure.


Professional Photographers of America


A session with me starts at $400

My images start at $275

My folio collections start at $1200


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Melissa B.

lldi Photography Inc. was brilliant! She really is gentle yet determined making her subject feel at ease and inspired. She has a remarkable eye for the camera and takes her time to make a shot brilliant. When I received my photos I was astonished at the high quality images I received. The talent is remarkable and she taught me many things including her secrets to getting the best pose. It was a great experience and her staff were friendly, professional, and easygoing. If you want to feel and look like a superstar, I highly recommended this experience!